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After you take a class with us it is time to study. You can practice with our Rapid Test Prep Quiz Portal. You can also study with our Rapid Flash Cards Portal. Then when you are ready, test your cybersecurity skills with Rapid Simulations.  Some of the exams will have performance-based questions and this simulations will help you build skills to do well on the exam. You can practice and feel confident and ready when you see it on the exam. These are interactive questions where you have to drag and drop the answers in the correct box.


Rapid Simulation Portal


What are Performance-Based Questions?

Performance-based testing requires you to actually perform a task or solve a problem to answer a question. When you start the question, you’ll be in a simulated environment such as a command prompt or Windows environment. You will perform the task and then click Done to complete the question.

In the past, most CompTIA questions have been multiple choice where you pick one or more answers from a list of valid choices. Multiple choice questions are good to test certain types of knowledge but they aren’t the best if you want to verify that a person can perform a task.

Imagine if the police or military tested sharpshooters with a multiple-choice exam. It just doesn’t work. Instead, sharpshooters are required to demonstrate their skills on a shooting range, by firing live bullets at a target.

Similarly, there are many technical skills that can’t be accurately tested with multiple-choice questions. Instead, many certification exams require you to perform a specific task in a simulated environment.


Practice With Rapid Simulations Portal

Once you log in just select the class you want to perform a simulation on. Click on the logo of the class and it will open the simulations for the exam.

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Study The Entire Certification Materials

Once you start the simulation you need to fill in each empty space. If you want to change an answer you need to select the Reset All button and start over. Once you are happy with your answers click on the green done button. You must fill in every empty space before you can select the green done button. You will need to keep trying until you get them all correct.

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Study on any device, simply login to your account and pick up where you left off!

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What Should You Do Next?

After you have finished with the Rapid Flash Cards, the Rapid Test Prep, and Rapid Simulations it is time to take your test!


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