Cyber Security Labs and Continued Education

Intellectual Point believes in learning-by-doing

Intellectual Point believes in learning-by-doing

We offer Hands-On Virtual Labs and Demos on incident response, malware analysis, mobile device exploitation, penetration testing, and much more.

Cyber Range and Virtual Labs

Cyber ranges are virtual environments used for cyber warfare training and cyber technology development. They provide tools that strengthen the stability, security, and performance of cyberinfrastructures and IT systems used by government and military agencies.

What does that mean for you? Cyber ranges allow cyber warriors and IT professionals a place to train, develop and test cyber range technologies to ensure consistent operations.

Intellectual Point is proud to partner with cyber range leaders to provide our students with the real experience you need to be a successful cyber warrior. These partners have successfully gamified cybersecurity training creating the opportunity to practice skills and use real-world tools to work through authentic threat scenarios. We leverage advanced technology like virtual and augmented reality to give you the realistic experience of working in a SOC.

These hands-on labs include topics such as:

  • Incident response
  • Malware analysis
  • Computer
  • Media and mobile device exploitation
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Reverse engineering
  • Information assurance and cyber forensics

Our students train on the latest cybersecurity practices and methodologies, in the classroom, workplace and at home. Our courses are mapped directly to specific learning objectives from governing institutions and cybersecurity communities of practice, including DoD Directive 8140. The hands-on training that Intellectual Point adds to traditional learning tactics makes our students well-prepared for any challenges that arise in the real world.

Intellectual Point believes in learning-by-doing. We offer hands-on labs on a number of topics, including incident response, malware analysis, media and mobile device exploitation, penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, reverse engineering, information assurance, and cyber forensics.

Our students train on the latest cybersecurity practices and methodologies. The virtual labs simulate common vulnerabilities and issues you are likely to encounter in the workplace. Whether it’s working with mail servers, web servers, firewalls or routers each simulation tests your knowledge and prepares you for problem-solving on the job.

Live demonstrations also make our learning environment a more interactive experience. We make text books come to life as students are able to see practical applications for the material they’ve been studying.

Our demos allow instructors to go step-by-step through actual problems giving students the opportunity to engage in the process and ask questions. Participants leave with new insights and a better understanding of the concepts being covered.

Our virtual labs and demos are accessible on-demand so you can access them at your convenience from your home or office. There is no substitute for the expertise that is gained when sharpening your skills in a game-like simulation that prepares you for assessing threats in real cybersecurity scenarios.

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