Career Transition Services

Career Transition Services

We are committed to helping you through every step of your career transition with our career transition services. Once you successfully pass a certification with Intellectual Point, our staff can help you take your career to the next level.

Resume Preparation with our Career Transition Services

Today’s competitive job market is fierce and the candidate with the most impressive resume, credentials, and experience will land the interview. How does your resume stack up? Take advantage of our Career Transition Services!

You need a well-crafted document that communicates the qualities companies look for:

  • Experience
  • Ability
  • Leadership
  • Character


Our industry-leading resume writers can help you create a job-winning resume whether you are a student looking or an entry-level job or a seasoned professional seeking a senior position.

We’ll discuss your skills, experience, and career goals to make sure your resume has a clear focus. Our team will then help you develop an application package that sets you apart from the crowd.


All Intellectual Point our career transition services help build your resume and CV so they have keyword optimization. This will improve results for your documents posted online or scanned by potential employers. Discover our professional resume writing and editing services today.



Create and deliver professionally written keyword-optimized Transformational resume

Create and deliver professionally written keyword-optimized Cover Letter

Create and deliver professionally written keyword-optimized Thank you Letter

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Create and deliver professionally written keyword-optimized resume with Cover Letter and Thank you Letter.

Create and deliver a customized professional Linkedin Profile

Free access to Job Fairs and Digital Native Meetups

Common Interview Questions customized to your job search

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Interview Preparation Services with our Career Transition Services

The interview process has gotten more complex and involved as employers seek the perfect candidate. Our seasoned experts will help with your preparation strategy for the various interview formats you may face with our Career Transition Services.

Our team of professionals has a variety of backgrounds, including former and current industry professionals, management consultants, career service coaches, subject matter experts, and academicians. They will conduct mock interviews with the same types of questions you should expect in a real interview. You’ll receive immediate feedback on your responses, body language and tone of voice along with a written report. Our team will provide recommendations for how you can improve your interviewing techniques as well as important things to remember during the interview. After your interview preparation session with Intellectual Point, you will feel more prepared and confident, resulting in a better interview performance.

We have helped hundreds of professionals just like you to polish their interview skills and land their dream job. Our simulation interview prepares you to make a great first impression. Sometimes it’s who you know that can help you get an interview, but it is what you know that will land you the job!

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Mentoring and Tutoring

At Intellectual Point, we want to see you succeed. In order to make it in the IT field, you will need a mentor who can guide you along the way and give you advice. Our experts have the skills and experience to mentor you through your major career decisions with our Career Transition Services.

When you receive an offer, we will go over it with you and analyze whether or not it is a position you should accept. We will help you evaluate the next steps of your career path to make sure your goals will be met and that you’ll achieve the success you are looking for.

Need tutoring assistance? Intellectual Point’s expert instructors are always willing to help students better understand the material being studied. To us you’re not just a number, you’re an individual whose success matters. We provide review sessions, study guides, and expert advice to make sure you go into your certification tests with confidence and knowledge.

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