Revamped Course Schedule for 2024: Innovations and Returns at Intellectual Point

Revamped Course Schedule for 2024: Innovations and Returns at Intellectual Point

By contributor Laurentino Rodrigues


At Intellectual Point, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technological and pedagogical advancements in the realm of cyber security education. As we traverse the technological landscape of 2024, we are thrilled to announce our freshly curated course schedule that holds a perfect blend of foundation building and niche-specific courses.


Believing in the power of evolution, Intellectual Point has refined its course schedule significantly while keeping the focus on key essentials like CompTIA Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker, Splunk Power User, UiPath Certified Automation Developer Associate and more. These courses continue to provide a robust platform for our students to build their cybersecurity skills from scratch while mapping the certification requirements comprehensively.


We understand the need for continuous learning and professional growth in a rapidly evolving tech universe. Ensuring our students get the most out of their learning journey, we are bringing back the highly demanded courses – Certified Scrum Master & much more. This meticulously designed course equips learners with agile practices, project management skills, and deep insights into Scrum methodology, making them vital assets in any tech-driven workspace.


The decade ahead demands innovative solutions to new-age cybersecurity threats and challenges. To meet these demands, Intellectual Point is incorporating numerous innovative platforms and tools in our curriculum for 2024. These additions aim to offer an immersive learning experience, allowing students to have hands-on experience in dealing with potential cybersecurity scenarios.


In 2024, Intellectual Point presents an even deeper commitment to delivering quality education that’s comprehensive, up-to-the-minute and practical. The renewed course schedule is our way of ensuring that we continue to produce a new generation of cyber security professionals, versatile in their understanding of existing solutions and innovative in their approach to emerging security threats.


Join us at Intellectual Point to embark on a transformative journey, ornamented with the right blend of foundational, advanced and innovative learning experiences under the guidance of industry veterans. Get ready to tap into your potential, hone your skills and rise higher in your cybersecurity career with our updated and inclusive course schedule for 2024!


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