How To Launch

How To Launch

How to Get Started in an IT Career with Intellectual Point

No matter what career you want to go after Intellectual Point is here for you. We are here to help you build your skills and the confidence to pass your certifications. First, you need to figure out what path you want to take. What Career path are you interested in taking? Look at our Career Pathway & Skills Assessment page to figure out your next adventure!

5 Cyber Security Career Paths With Job Roles and Salaries

Are you trying to figure out if Cyber Security is right for you?

Look at these attacks and check if you can become a cyber warrior.


Launch your Cyber Security Career with Free Training at Intellectual Point

Find your next career in cybersecurity with Intellectual Point’s free introductory course. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore a career in cybersecurity.

Our Getting Started with your Cyber Security Career Explorer Program includes 3 introductory units in one course. This program will cover network fundamentals, threats & attacks, and network security. You will also get access to online assessments, training courses, and labs. This program is designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to give you the competitive edge.

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Are you ready to Launch Your Career?

Part of your success is doing your research. We have helped you out with tips on how to get started on different career paths. See which one you want to follow and get started.

How to Launch Your Cyber Security Career

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