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After you take a class with us it is time to study. Read the study guide and review your notes from class. Be sure to understand the steps of the processes in the objectives. Use the RapidFlashCards.Com website to practice. Be sure to go through these cards until you are able to get 85-90% correct. Be sure to understand why you get any wrong answers.

Rapid Flash Cards Portal


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Simply select the class and you can get started right away. You can come back to this and practice as much as you want.

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You can select the quiz mode you want on the left side. Just click the card filp over to the back and see the asnwer. Once you are done click the next arrow for the next question. You will be able to see how many questions you have left on the right side next to the card. You can also see the bar at the top to see how far along you are. There is a timer on the left side so you can see how long you are taking. You can also use the jump button to go ahead to later in the stack of cards. 


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Study on any device, simply log in to your account and pick up where you left off!


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What Should You Do Next?

After you have finished with the study flashcards it is time to start practicing for the test. This next step is a practice test website that will allow you to take what you have studied with the flashcards site and put them to the test. You can practice until you are ready to pass your exam.

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