Intellectual Point

DevOps JumpStart

Learning Objectives

Intellectual Point

Organizational culture, traditional silos, individual culture, value systems

Intellectual Point

Why, what and how, Agile infrastructure, CI/DC, release management

Intellectual Point

Shared values, continuous learning, transparency

  • Brief history, why choose DevOps, CSLMS
  • Tooling: deep dive- configuration management, build management, test management, infrastructure management, process monitoring
  • Pillars of lean – value first, value-flow-waste, the Seven Wastes
  • Measurement of outcome over output, inspection over control, feedback loops, useful metrics
  • Pulling everything together – Lab work, build your pipeline

Course Schedule

Session 1:
  • What is DevOps?
  • Tooling: Deep Dive
  • Culture
  • Automation
Session 2:
  • Lean, Measurement, Sharing
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Pulling everything together with Simulated Project

Training program

This two-day experiential workshop prepares you to both gain an understanding of the guiding principals and enabling practices of DevOps, and more importantly to utilize the ideas within your own situations and projects. This course will cover the essential concepts and tools that move us towards the integrated value delivery that exemplifies DevOps. Along the way, we will explore specific tools, behaviors and dispel some of the myths that surround DevOps.

This course will teach a mix of theory reinforced with hands-on practical exercises that will touch upon all components of the delivery pipeline from configuration and build management, test and infrastructure automation, monitoring and release management using tools such as Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins, xUnit, Jasmine, Cucumber, Selenium, AWS, Splunk, and NewRelic.

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A DevOps JumpStart Course at Intellectual Point Includes:
  • Live instructor-led training in modern classrooms
  • A thorough review of DevOps by industry experts
  • Hands-on labs with real software DevOps Tools
  • 100% latest material & and all practice questions
  • Confidence building hands-on training
  • Authorized Pearson VUE testing at the same location to help you complete your exam
  • Study material, notes, videos, and practice questions included in the course price

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