Congrats you finish the Cyber Security Career Explorer Program

Congrats, you finished the Cyber Security Career Explorer Program

Great job taking advantage of our free starter course for cybersecurity. Now how do you plan to start your career in Cyber Security? You have learned the topics to grow a strong foundation of cybersecurity knowledge. Now you need to figure out if this is what you are interested in before you get too far into the program.

How to Launch


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Take a look at our Career Pathway & Skills Assessment page to figure out what path you want to take.

Career Pathway & Skills Assessment

First Consider what Roles you are interested in:

  • Networking
  • Software Development
  • Systems Engineering
  • Financial and Risk Analysis
  • Security Intelligence

No matter what career path you’re considering, most of the cybersecurity will require certifications and advanced training.

The most common include:

Not sure which certification is best for you, our team of professionals can help talk you through your goals and how to help you achieve them.

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What color hat will you pick?

  • White Hat – The good hackers. They are hired by companies for penetration testing.
  • Grey Hat – Like the white hat, but do some illegal things occasionally.
  • Black Hat – Working for their own personal gain or to get a message across. These people don’t care if they’re caught.
  • Red Hat – Black Hat hackers working for a government. (Like the NSAs elite hacker team.)

Are you ready to advance your career?

Check out these great resources that will help you advance your career. We are here to help provide the tools and support you need, but you need to do the work!

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Using LinkedIn To Land Your Next IT Job

Additional Resources

If you are ready to Launch your career check out these very helpful tips. Are you interested in Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Network Administration, Project Management, or a Career in the Cloud? See which career path you want to follow and get started!


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