Network Your Way into Your Dream Cybersecurity Job


Network Your Way into Your Dream Cybersecurity Job

By contributor Lyan Ware


Even after working hard to obtain your IT certifications and tinkering painstakingly to get your resume looking just right, the grind to securing a highly sought-after cybersecurity job doesn’t stop there. Creating a polished LinkedIn profile and optimizing its use to professionally network with recruiters has become standard procedure when it comes to the job hunt. However, with increasing competition in the market, many facing roadblocks at this stage are required to look outside the box. Across several industries, an old adage reigns true: “it’s not what you know, but who you know”.

If you’re looking to step-up your professional networking game to secure a better job for yourself, here are some suggestions:

Attend Cybersecurity Conferences and Events

One of the most effective ways to network in the cybersecurity field is by attending industry conferences and events. These provide you with opportunities to meet and connect with professionals in the field, learn about the latest trends and technologies, and build relationships with potential employers. Some of the most popular cybersecurity conferences and events include the RSA Conference, Black Hat, DEF CON, and Cybertech Global. These events are held annually and attract thousands of cybersecurity professionals from around the world. Others, held within the United States, include the RSA Conference, Black Hat USA, Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, the SANS Institute Cybersecurity Training Event, Secure World, CyberSecurity Festival, and ISACA. Attending can be costly but should be considered an investment because they offer opportunities for you to shake hands with people who could potentially open some very lucrative doors for your future, getting you one step closer to your dream cybersecurity job.


Join Cybersecurity Groups and Associations

Becoming an active member of cybersecurity groups and associations is another great way to network in the field. This is an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals, receive mentorship, and build relationships with potential employers. Some of the popular cybersecurity groups and associations include the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), the International Association of Computer Security Professionals (IACSP), and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). These organizations offer a range of benefits to members, including access to exclusive networking events, professional development resources, and opportunities for employment.


Build Your Online Presence

Curating a model digital footprint is crucial in today’s New Media Age. Employers often use social media platforms like LinkedIn to find potential candidates. So, making sure you’re presenting a desirable brand and building a strong, professional online presence is absolutely essential. Start by creating a professional LinkedIn profile that showcases your skills, education, and experience. Join cybersecurity groups on LinkedIn and engage with others in the industry by sharing articles and commenting on posts. To step things up even further, create a personal website or blog that demonstrates your passion for the industry by documenting your continuous career development i.e., home labs, events you’re attending, workshops, etc.


Attend Cybersecurity Meetups

Meetups provide yet another way to network within the industry. What distinguishes them from conferences and other events is that they are typically smaller, more informal gatherings that allow for more intimate conversations with other cybersecurity professionals. You can find cybersecurity meetups in your area on sites like or through LinkedIn groups. Commit to attending them regularly and actively engage with others by sharing your experiences and asking questions. Building relationships with other professionals in the industry can lead to great opportunities in the future.

Digital Natives Meetup

Participate in Cybersecurity Competitions

Participating in cybersecurity competitions is a great way to showcase and develop your skills while connecting with other industry professionals. Events like Capture the Flag (CTF) challenge participants to apply their cybersecurity training and knowledge to solve problems and work together to complete objectives. CTF competitions can be a fun, valuable experience that will expose your skills to potential employers. Many of these CTFs have networking events built-in, which provides yet another opportunity to connect with other cybersecurity professionals.


Don’t be just a name in a pile of names. Even if you check all the boxes on paper, you could still be easily passed over if you don’t edge out the competition by putting yourself out there more. Yes, it will require more of your time, and yes, you may not see immediate returns. Keep in mind that you are planting many seeds, but not every plant will yield. However, the relationships you invest proper time and care into are more likely to bear you the fruitful opportunity you’ve been looking for.


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