My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA): An Opportunity for Military Spouses


My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA): An Opportunity for Military Spouses

By contributor Lyan Ware


The transient nature of military life is challenging for military families, especially spouses. They spend much of their efforts being the anchor for their active-duty partners, simultaneously coping with their own lack of tether. It feels incumbent upon the spouse to impart their own strength to the active-duty partner. There’s an unspoken expectation to be the ever-dignified supporting role, quietly trying to weave together something that resembles a well-lived home. A nomad pitching their facsimile of structure and community, only to pack it up and move on again every few years.


As a veteran spouse myself, I can attest to these struggles—the disorienting juggling act of being the moral support, the calendar, the parent, the housekeeper, the accountant, etc. Somewhere, somehow, at the bottom of the totem pole of things I needed to be, I hoped to find a tiny sliver reserved just for just being myself. Not only finding me but developing me.


No doubt that a hero’s burden is heavy to bear, hence the cornucopia of Veteran-centered resources and benefits bestowed on them as an attempt to compensate for the intangibles that can never be fully restored. But we cannot deny that a glaring deficit exists in similar opportunities targeting the spouses themselves. That’s where the MyCAA scholarship comes in.


Intellectual Point proudly supports the My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) Scholarship to help military spouses launch their careers in IT. If your spouse is an Active Duty, Reservist, or National Guard service member on Title 10 orders, in the pay grades of E-1 to E-6, W-1 to W-2 and O-1 to O-3, then you qualify to participate. Take this as your sign: do not delay your personal ambitions any longer.


The MyCAA Scholarship, along with an Intellectual Point MyCAA Student Grant, will cover both tuition and all associated Certifications. With our customized training plans that include up to 72 hours of classroom Instruction per Certification attempted, we will help mold you into a competitive candidate in the perpetually evolving field of Information Technology.


These scholarships are limited, so don’t linger. The perfect time to say “yes” to yourself is right now. Be your own tether. Harness your own success because you are a good enough reason to deserve everything and much more. Allow us the honor of helping you get there with The MyCAA Scholarship Program.


MyCAA Scholarship Program


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