Which one, Penetration Testing or Certified Ethical Hacking?

CompTIA PenTest+ or Certified Ethical Hacking, which one is right for me?

Pen testers, much like Ethical Hackers, often employ the same concepts and tactics in order to strengthen the defense systems from attacks.

Both practices appear very similar at face value but the scope of what is learned in the exam and certification process can be very different. To help you choose which exam to take, here’s a brief overview of the two cybersecurity certifications that are very in-demand.

So what is Penetration or Pentesting?

Penetration testing is aimed at finding vulnerabilities, malicious content, flaws, and risks. This is done to strengthen the organization’s security system to defend the IT infrastructure. Penetration Testing forms part of the ethical hacking process where it specifically focuses only on penetrating the information system.  A regular pentest may not sort out all security concerns, but it significantly minimizes the probability of a successful attack.

A penetration test helps determine whether an IT system is vulnerable to a cyberattack, whether the defensive measures are sufficient, and which security measure failed the test. It shows the strengths and weaknesses of any IT infrastructure at a given point in time. The process of penetration testing is extensive, it involves planning, taking clear permission from the management, and then initiating tests in a way that does not disrupt productivity.

What is Certified Ethical Hacking?

The role of an Ethical Hacker appears very similar to that of a Pentester, but it encompasses a multitude of techniques in addition to just systems penetration. In a way, Ethical Hacking is a broad term that includes all hacking methods. The purpose of Ethical hacking is aimed at identifying vulnerabilities and fixing them before the hackers exploit them to execute a cyberattack.  Ethical hacking is deemed ethical because it is performed only after taking the necessary permissions to intrude into the security system.

The role of an ethical hacker is challenging as the hacker must intrude into the system without affecting functionalities and then they have to locate the vulnerabilities. The ethical hacker understands and reports malicious activity and suggests proper measures to defeat attackers in their attempt. Besides hacking, an ethical hacker also studies other security-related methodologies and suggest their implementation. Overall, ethical hackers carry the burden of the safety of the entire IT infrastructure.

To Summarize

Ethical hacking is akin to learning the rules and strategies of a football game, versus PenTesting, where you put all those acquired skills together to play the game.

Ethical hacking and penetration testing are amongst the more popular courses we provide at Intellectual Point. If you are interested in becoming an Ethical Hacker or a PenTester then take a look at our webpages and see for yourself which exam and pathway are right for you.


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