Top 5 Tips for Taking an Exam at Intellectual Point

Top 5 Tips for Taking an Exam at Intellectual Point

Did you know that Intellectual Point has a full-service testing center at their physical site in Sterling, Virginia? If you’re in the area, you can walk in to purchase and take your certification exam on the same day. Proctors are usually available at least six days out of the week but be sure to call or email ahead of time just to be certain. With that in mind, here are Intellectual Point’s top recommendations for exam preparedness:


Don’t wait any longer than 5 days after you take the class to take your exam. Intellectual Point students who adhere to our carefully developed study plans generally find themselves optimally prepared to pass their exams during the last week of their classes. Ever hear of the old adage, “use it or lose it”? That same principle applies here. Creating a big gap between the time you’ve studied and learned the material to the time you sit for the exam can put you at risk of forgetting vital information. It can also ramp up your text-taking anxiety by diminishing your confidence as well.


Practice with our Rapid Flash cards and Rapid Test Prep until you score at least 85% or above. The higher you score in your practice tests, the more confident you can be in your ability to pass your certification exams.


This tip feels like a reiteration of the second tip…and it is! We cannot emphasize this enough: stick to the study plan! With our stellar pass rate, our study plans have proven time and time again that the key to success on your exam is being productive in our studying portal. The layout of our study plan also teaches good learning habits by encouraging students to break down the material into smaller increments spread out over consecutive days, versus long, spontaneous cram sessions which are not conducive to optimal learning.


Cybersecurity and Information Technology are vast fields of study with countless niches. One can get easily overwhelmed and lost in the labyrinth of information, so we discourage students from venturing too far off the beaten path when it comes to studying. While YouTube and other sources can provide a wealth of knowledge to eventually expand your skillset, we ask that while preparing for their certification exam, students stick to the domains and materials covered during their classes. This enables the focus required to be fully prepared for certification.


Exam preparation goes beyond priming your brain with good studying habits. You must take care of your body and cultivate some self-esteem as well. Daily affirmations and the support of your fellow Intellectual Point students can help you build confidence, while getting adequate sleep and drinking plenty of water will aid your physical wellness.


So, there you have it: Intellectual Point’s most valuable tips on how to be optimally prepared to take your certification exam.


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