Tech is Taking Over. Are You Ready?

Tech is Taking Over. Are You Ready?

In 2022, the U.S. has the largest tech market of any country making up 33% of the total market worldwide, or about $1.8 trillion. Its currently pacing to exceed a whopping $5.3 trillion by the end of the year. The industry is sitting at about a 5-6% annual growth rate and has contributed more than 50% of the total market growth in the U.S. since 2015.

The benefits of integrating technology into the workplace has created unprecedented growth in manufacturing and development of hardware/software solutions for modern day issues. The result is a cascading effect that has changed the world as we know it. Its hard to find an occupation that doesn’t employ some type of technology somewhere. Manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and several other occupational areas now rely on it. This isn’t going to stop. In fact, its going to grow more, and job opportunities will grow with it.

The job market for the tech industry grows at 4x-5x the national rate of other occupations. Right now, according to, there are 960,000+ tech related job postings in the U.S. and that is expected to grow significantly over the next few decades. As the increasing use of technology in corporate and personal livelihoods continue to rise, so will the demand for people who can install, manage, and secure this technology.

Rest assured, there is nothing but growth on the horizon. Are we moving to an autonomous world? It is widely discussed and predicted. Until then, lets study hard and capitalize on this growing market. It’s a great way to invest in yourself, and your future. The next few days of blogs will revolve around examining entry level to advanced level career options, and common pathways people take to get there. To start your journey, there isn’t a better place to start than Intellectual Point. We provide multiple pathways to give you the foundation you need to stand on your own once you find the job you want. Keep up with the job series and track the blogs so you can see where your path can take you.


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