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MeriTalk Virtual Tech Briefing

In case you missed it you are not too late! Prem Jadwani spoke at the MeriTalk Virtual Tech Briefing on October 14th, 2020. Learn how to provide a high-quality virtual desktop experience to employees, while securing sensitive data with virtual GPU (vGPU). During an Oct. 14 Tech Talk briefing, MeriTalk spoke with three tech-sector veterans to discuss recommendations to evolve remote work environments, including best practices around deploying solutions like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and virtual Graphics Processing Unit (vGPU) technology.


Prem Jadhwani, Chief Technology Officer at Government Acquisitions, offered perspective on the variety of remote work use uses for VDI with vGPU, including virtual and augmented reality, simulations, 3D modeling, and AI.


He also emphasized the many use cases related to the average knowledge worker that benefit from vGPU – noting we are all using PowerPoint, Microsoft Office applications, and streaming applications.


Jadhwani had advice for the next steps, considering the requirement for on-going ubiquitous remote work. His key message was to consider modernization as a long-term process and to look at the big trends, including cloud and Software-as-a-Service, to explore, “how the infrastructure can be modernized so it’s not just on-premise, but suitable for multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and cloud-native environments.”


He emphasized that there are thousands of organizations taking advantage of NVIDIA vGPUs, and recommended considering the technology for all modernization efforts – including telework and knowledge worker projects.


Last but not least, Jadhwani advocated for a holistic approach to security, considering the full-stack – infrastructure, back-end data preparation, algorithms, visualization, etc. And, he agreed with the importance of executing proofs of concept, particularly for projects involving AI, ML, and GPUs – emphasizing that AI, ML, and robotic process automation are technologies that are real today. “GAI has a state-of-the-art AI/ML lab,” explained Jadhwani. “We can look at the use case and execute the proof of concept.” He said this gives agency leaders the opportunity to separate real technology from hype, kick the tires, and then have a discussion about how to scale in their environment.



This tech briefing explored…:

  • The benefits of vGPU for all employees in a remote work environment
  • How to improve manageability and security against advanced cyber threats
  • The power of NVIDIA vGPU technology and Dell PowerEdge Servers within a cloud environment




Featured speakers:

  • Eric Kana, Senior Solution Architect of Professional Visualization, NVIDIA
  • Prem Jadhwani, Chief Technology Officer, GAI
  • Alexander Romero, Director of Strategy, Chief Technologist Office, VMware
  • Caroline Boyd, Director of Government Programs, MeriTalk [Moderator]


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