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Flying Fox is Tapping Into A $84 Billion IT Industry

At our Digital Natives Meetup on December 5th of 2019, we had a presentation from Santrum Federal. Kevin Mahoney, CEO of Santrum Federal and B2G IT sales training expert, introduced students to simple but error-proof technology called Flying Fox. Business to Government for Govtech sales according to Gartner is around $400+ Billion dollars a year. According to Mr. Mahoney, the government spends $89 billion on Information Technology alone. It is not only Lockheed Martin and Boeing who are getting in on the tech action. Smaller IT companies like Epiq Solutions that provide a layer of security in Government locations can also benefit from this enormous pie. 

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Getting into B2G Federal IT sales doesn’t mean that you have to chase billion-dollar deals. As long as you are helping the government agency work more efficiently, then you have the power to sell it as a tiny operation. Yes, small as well as large companies are looking for excellent IT sales representatives to sell their innovative products. If you are ready to learn how to make a federal sales plan check out the Federal IT sales training that begins on January 21, 22, 23, from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. No prior sales or IT prerequisites are required. Mr. Mahoney is also scouting for the right talent so others can successfully replicate his sales process.



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What is Flying Fox?

It is an RF sensor platform with four flexible radio signal processing cards. 

Single RJ45 ethernet interface supporting IEEE 802.3st (Power over Ethernet) for power and network connectivity. 

Separate SMA interfaces for cellular and Wi-Fi / Bluetooth antennas. 

It simply detects that a Wi-Fi signal, Bluetooth signal, or cellular signal on an electronic device is present by a user at a specified location.  

It is not a device detection solution. It uses Splunk as a signal detection device, WID (Wireless Intrusion Detection) with advanced geolocation capabilities so it limits the location of detection. It is not a solution to monitor the device. 



Flying Fox

How does Flying Fox work?

For remote monitoring, you have a PC and a PoE+ (Network Switch) that connects and powers each Flying Fox Sensor over CATS.

It demodulates and decodes of initial “access request” messages transmitted by nearby cellular-enabled phones/tablets to cell towers. This provides the government facility 24/7 passive monitoring, detection & ID with zero false-positive detection. It has an automatic cellular survey to determine cellular (2g/3g/4g), providers. 



Who uses Flying Fox?

Government facilities that don’t allow any type of electronic devices that are not on their “whitelist” because of security threats. If the device doesn’t belong in their facility then the signal can be detected. It provides a layer of security for any cyber threats. 

DODD 8100.2 use of commercial wireless devices, Services and Technologies in the Department of Defense (DoD) GIG. 


Sanctum Federal

If you attended the Digital Natives Meetup or if you missed it and want to learn more, you are in luck. Kevin will be teaching an IT Sales Training Class called “Federal Sales Certificate” at Intellectual Point. This 3-Day Course will cover the 4 topics (The Territory, The Money, The Plan, The Company) and in the end, you will get a Federal Sales Certificate. This is a hands-on course with group work. It has a limited number of seats so you can work as a team and learn the proven methodology and framework from organic lead generation to closing large Federal opportunities. Come learn how to make a federal sales plan

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