Is Fighting Cyber Attacks Right For You?

Is Fighting Cyber Attacks Right For You?

Look at these Attacks and Check If You Can Become a Cyber Warrior

These cyberattacks case studies will help you decide if a career path in cybersecurity is right for you. There are many job openings and companies big and small need to fill these roles quickly. Are you prepared to fight these attacks and safeguard these companies from these types of attacks? It is estimated that securing their networks and protecting against data breaches can save a company $8-10 million for each protection. Will you be able to work in a SOC team to defend the large amounts of data?


Case Study – First American – 2019

The Cyberattack: About 885 million documents, including bank account numbers, mortgage records, Social Security numbers, drivers’ license images, and tax records, have been leaked by First American Financial Corp.’

What resulted: Many user’s personal information stolen. No major lawsuits set in motion at this time. 


The Cyberattack: Big Microsoft data breach – 250 million records exposed

What resulted: Many user’s personal information stolen. The government regulations committee has yet to take action. Microsoft sent out a public personal apology for the data breach. 


Case Study – Insider Data Leak – January 2014

The Cyberattack: The personal data of at least 20 million bank and credit card users in South Korea was stolen from three credit card firms by a temporary consultant working with a personal credit rating firm Korean Credit Bureau (KCB).The stolen data, which was sold to phone marketing companies, including customers’ names, social security numbers, phone numbers, credit card numbers, and expiration dates.

What resulted: In the fallout over the theft, dozens of top executives tendered their resignations, regulators launched investigations into security measures at the affected firms and the companies were held liable for full financial losses if customers fell victim to scams related to the data theft.


Case Study – Ashley Madison – July 2015 

The Cyberattack: Canadian company Ashley Madison was targeted by hackers in July 2015. Calling themselves the Impact Team, the hackers took issue with the company’s business model of providing a forum to facilitate marital infidelity. The aim of the hackers was to force the company to cease its operations.

What resulted: In August 2015, the hackers released some 39 million customer profiles, including user profiles, names, and email addresses. Lawyers representing Canadian victims launched a class-action lawsuit seeking $760 million in damages. Investigations link it this breach to two suicide attempts. 


You can decide if fighting cyberattacks is right for you. Do you have these skills highlighted by Prem Jadhwani’s presentation on Launching Your Career in Cybersecurity? Do you have an analytical mind? Do you like to think critically, solve problems, and troubleshoot devices? The pages below can help you determine if a career in cybersecurity is right for you. First




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