Is Artificial Intelligence the same as Machine Learning?

Is Artificial Intelligence the same as Machine Learning?

AIHave you heard the terms Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) but you’re still trying to understand the correlation and their importance? You’re not alone. These buzz words are taking over in the IT industry and understanding their unique but sometimes overlapping roles is critical.

In the broadest terms, when we talk AI we mean any type of smart action performed by a computer program. For many years, this sounded like the stuff science fiction movies were made of, but not anymore. Today we see computer systems simulating human intelligence and tasks everywhere we look. The stores we shop in are becoming more automated every day and even our homes are now equipped with devices that allow Siri and Alexa to answer our most basic needs.

So what is machine learning? ML is a branch off of the AI tree. To understand what makes it different you could say it’s a “smarter” version. The main distinction with ML is that it is able to adapt as it gathers new information. This allows for greater flexibility. It also means it can do more without additional human support and interaction.

Moving forward to understanding these terms and their capabilities will become essential to IT professionals. No industry will be untouched when it comes to finding ways to automate daily tasks. Now is the time to learn the skills that make these technologies work.

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Written by: Kate Ruhe

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