Advancing Your Career In Cloud Computing

A Simple Guide In Landing Your Ideal Cloud Computing Position

Have the right mindset when starting your career in cloud computing

Be determined by having set goals on how far you want to take your career. Other stronger candidates will be always present, it is your job to not let that phase you. The most important trait to possess is the willingness to learn and be coachable when advancing in your cloud computing journey.

After completing certifications an individual must:

  • Keep practicing often after obtaining certifications.
  • Keep learning more from peers.
  • Keep looking for ways to advance in your career by opening more interview opportunities.

Decide what industry or sector you want to work and pick ONE vendor.

You must know what you want to accomplish and what is your ultimate dream position.

The top three vendors are Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Stick with one vendor and become the master at using that program.

Positions In Cloud Computing

Cloud Architect – encompasses everything involved with cloud computing, including the front-end platforms, servers, storage, delivery and networks required to manage cloud storage.

Cloud Software Developer – designs and develops secure cloud applications, services, and products. This can include everything from the back-end, front-end, web application, full-stack, data and application integration, and cloud application deployment.

Cloud Engineer – The role of a cloud engineer is primarily one that is responsible for implementing and managing cloud services delivery models such as IaaS, PaaS, and Saas.

Cloud Consultant – is like a cloud guru—knowledgeable on all the technical aspects of cloud systems, with a profound understanding of the cloud marketplace and excellent communication skills

Use Intellectual Point’s Rapid Test Prep

This rapid test prep trains you in the certification and in real-world problems. It simulates what happens in the real world, and students can take certain steps to block the cyberattack. Please visit our Rapid Test Prep Resource section for details.

Practice your soft skills

Understand business goals and align them with real analytics and KPIs. It is beneficial for students to improve their communication skills, writing skills, presentation skills, and listening skills when advancing their IT career. Nowadays it is all about teamwork and collaboration to accomplish a task.

The student also much takes initiation in learning how to problem-solve complex tasks by thinking critically about the problem. This way the student can troubleshoot the problem and come to a reasonable solution.

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