Day 1 of STEM Summer Camp at Intellectual Point is in the Books!

Summer Camp Day 1 2021

Day 1 of STEM Summer Camp at Intellectual Point is in the Books!

The first day of summer camp started today at Intellectual Point. We had a full class of students joining remotely learning how to set up and use a Raspberry Pi. This hands-on camp is one of our most popular sessions that help campers learn about Raspberry Pi. All of the supplies and equipment were delivered to each camper’s house and included everything needed for the week-long camp. The additional downloads needed were also very conveniently organized on a webpage with easy directions on how to access and download them.



Today the campers opened the equipment and got to work building the Rasberry Pi in order to get it ready to boot up. The instructor was very supportive and stopped and helped with every step of the process. The hands-on experience allowed the students to watch him perform every step and complete it at home the same way. The session was also recorded so anyone who had issues could watch it again after class. Day one did not have any homework but watch out campers, you will get some tomorrow!



The live hands-0n instructor-led session was easy for the campers to follow and allowed for any questions. Today the campers successfully got an introduction to the Raspberry Pi, Unboxed the Raspberry Pi kits, Installed Software, and Installed Raspbain. Now that the Raspberry Pi can boot up, it is ready for day 2 of camp! Tomorrow they will learn how to use Raspbian, use a Screen Reader, learn about Linux Commands and learn how to Overclock. The other great advantage to this camp is that it allows campers to see if they are interested in coding and learning about the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi during this week-long camp.  Who knows, your camper might just turn into a Cyber warrior!


By the end of this week campers will have gained:

  • Knowledge of Python Fundamentals
  • Experience with Python and Raspberry Pi
  • Set up projects with Raspberry Pi
  • Build a Security Camera
  • And more fun projects!


“The camp was really fun and the teacher was really helpful and explained it very well. When we were working on the Raspberry Pi it was neat and I have never work on anything like this.” -Happy Camper



Learn more about Raspberry Pi STEM Camp


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