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You are the Product, the Service, and the Provider with your own Brand and Competitive Edge in the Cyber Security Marketplace

As a Career Services Specialist, Career Coach, and Certified Professional Resume Writer of Intellectual Point,  I understand the challenges and the difficulties our students and job candidates encounter in blazing ahead with a new career cyber security. Securing your dream job is not a task to be taken lightly or without guidance. You must begin by understanding one basic fact: Your cyber security career plan is like a personal business plan with you as a metaphoric company and you as the brand you are showcasing to hiring managers.



Think about it

If you were starting a business you would gather the best resources available. Then you would research your product or service, your market, your competition, and your customers. You would evaluate and build the foundation needed to launch, sustain, and grow that business as well as monitor your progress, growth, and status in the marketplace on a daily basis.



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Much the same way, your cyber security career is a business venture. In order to be competitive, you must tend to your career just as meticulously. That means knowing the answers to the following:



Vision Quest

Where are you going and where do you see yourself in the years to come in cyber security? What are the personal missions underlying your career plan? In order to do this, we encourage you to consult with our experts and map out your unique cyber security career plan not just for the present target, but for also your future.

For instance, let’s say you are currently shooting for an Entry-Level Cyber Security Specialist or Technician role. Your mid-level target down the road would then be a Cyber Security Analyst position. The advanced level would be a Cyber Security Manager/Administrator. Or, do you envision other routes such as a Cyber Security Forensic Analyst, Cyber Security Engineer, Penetration and Vulnerability Tester, or a Cyber Security Architect? The possibilities in this field are limitless and are also in high demand for cyber security. Yet, determining your career path vision is key.


Check List

Itemized Offerings

Hypothetically speaking, what are you selling a company at this second in cyber security? What abilities and aptitudes do you offer? What knowledge, skills, and experience do you possess that will truly benefit that company? This can be directly derived from our coursework and lab experience here at Intellectual Point.  Do you offer anything unique (everyone does—some just need a gentle reminder)? What currently qualifies you to succeed?



Atmospheric Condition

What’s going on with the employment scene in cyber security and how does it affect you? Are there barriers to entry and how can you turn these barriers into opportunities for yourself?




Comparative Advantage

Who are your competitors and what can you learn from them? For instance, think about what other applicants in cyber security are offering hiring managers. What strategies are they using and how can you do a better job? Do you represent a better “metaphoric and personal business model”? Can you package yourself in a more compelling or appealing way?



Money Matters

How are you going to finance your “plan”? Or, what is your budget for obtaining the important cyber security certifications you need to compete in your fields such as Intellectual Point’s highly sought-after programs in CompTIA Security+, Ethical Hacking, or ITIL Foundations? What are the income projections? What is the minimum amount required to stay in business? (For “you” to stay in the business of a career search.)



Promotional Plan

Have you outlined a strategy to break into the market, region, or company that you desire? How will you introduce yourself to the cyber security market? How will you package yourself?




Product Analysis

What tools do you need to progress from concept to reality? What is the current status of the positive contributions that you can make? Whose assistance do you need? How will you get it? Process Packaging: What resources do you need to accomplish tasks? Can you get them? What are the estimated timelines?





Market Penetration

Are you prepared to hit the pavement, advertise and brand yourself, persevere, and never let obstacles block success?



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What are your long-term goals in cyber security and how will you get there? Where do you want to be in one year? Three years? Five years? What professional development activities, now and in the future will you need to complete to ensure success? Your career plan is an individual business plan for you – the student and the professional – to succeed in cyber security.. Effort, sacrifice, planning, diligence, and commitment are the common themes defining leaders in all industries.


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Today, you can receive the necessary tools to conceive, develop, and execute a personalized and effective career plan for YOUR success through our cutting-edge IT certifications, the mentorship of CEO Prem Jadwhani, our leading IT instructors, and through my resume writing and career coaching services for you with Intellectual Point. We encourage you to not only pursue our services but to also consider the material presented in this blog throughout the growth of your career life cycle; never put it down and never stop progressing!



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