Common Cybersecurity Strategies and Providing IT Solutions in Virginia

Common Cybersecurity Strategies and Providing IT Solutions in Virginia

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This infographic released by ZDNET shows Cybersecurity strategy: Common tactics, issues with implementation, and effectiveness from 236 respondents. 

The cybersecurity measured commonly used by cybersecurity specialists includes:

  • Automatic software updates
  • Employee security training
  • Working with security vendors
  • Penetration testing

The challenges most companies face when implementing a cybersecurity strategy are:

  • Getting employees to comply
  • Getting adequate funding or budgeting
  • Getting company leaders on board


The truth remains companies can’t need to budget resources to fight cyberattacks. These attacks could cost businesses millions. At Intellectual Point, we provide company training for your workforce to safeguard against any cyber-attacks. Prem Jadhwani, holder of over 150+ certifications just received a Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control™ (CRISC) certification. CRISC  helps IT professionals prepare for real-world threats, with appropriate tools to both evaluate and manage risk. The CRISC certification is widely seen as the go-to accreditation for experts in the field of risk and information systems controls or those looking to progress their careers in this area. With this certification, Prem Jadhwani explains: “With this newly gained skills through CRISC, I am looking forward to helping customers understand and manage their cybersecurity risks better.”

Get your IT team and stakeholders on the same page about the importance of protecting against any security threat. If you are in the Northern Virginia, D.C., Maryland region you can book a cybersecurity consultation with Prem Jadhwani.

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