Check out the New RPA Training – UiPath Citizen Developer Foundation

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Check out the New RPA Training – UiPath Citizen Developer Foundation

UiPath RPA Citizen Developer Foundation is a new solution to change the way work is done with the power of automation. It will help bridge the gap between the non-technical and technical skill-sets of a business.


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  • Process Analysts
  • Managers/Directors
  • Business Analysts
  • Finance Departments
  • HR/Payroll Departments
  • Supply Chain Departments
  • IT Functional Areas


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Training Program

Citizen Developer Foundation spotlights UiPath StudioX – the no-code tool that allows you to build smaller task automations using simple drag-anddrop capabilities and serves as a perfect fit for users who have no or little development experience. This training encourages you, as a subject matter expert, to automate what you think needs to be automated and provides all the necessary resources to do that.

Let’s deep dive into how you can save yourself—and potentially your department—from work boredom with the help of the UiPath Citizen Developer Foundation Academy training. The whole learning plan consists of eleven courses that guide you step by step in building and managing your own software robot. From getting familiar with StudioX interface to becoming an independent RPA expert who can handle errors and run the attended automation – we’ll get your automation needs covered.

Through this training, you’ll learn how to automate across the most common applications in your tech stack including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, File Manager, and others. In addition, you’ll get familiar with UiPath Platform for end-to-end hyperautomation and will be able to reuse the learning materials by sharing them with your colleagues and building your own automation portfolio.



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Learning Objectives

  • Obtain a full understanding of UiPath technology and their RPA solutions.
  • Analyze full business process scope, identify automation opportunities, and develop processes to improve automation potential.
  • Recommend and develop RPA approach and strategy
  • Conduct high-level RPA assessments
  • Develop RPA client architecture and solution proposals focusing on scalability and extensibility
  • Design, develop and test automation workflows



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You need citizen developers to help you scale automation for three main reasons:

  1. There’s a whole world of automation beyond company-wide robots.
  2. Your IT team’s pipeline won’t have room for every automation request.
  3. The people who know your team-level work the best are the ones on those teams.


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