Calling all Software Developers and Network Professionals!


Calling all Software Developers and Network Professionals!

It is time to get your Cisco DevNet Certification. Getting Cisco DevNet certification will allow you to prove your skills in developing and maintain applications that are built on Cisco platforms. With the paradigm shift of intent-based networking, software and the network grows more and more interconnected every day. Applications deliver innovative new experiences, and IT professionals can take advantage of automation and DevOps to scale and secure their networking infrastructure. The opportunities to maximize this potential are boundless. But there aren’t enough qualified candidates to go around, and hiring managers need to know that you know your stuff. So how can you prove your skills? One word: certification. In fact, 71% of hiring managers say that certifications increase their confidence in an applicant’s abilities.


That’s why Cisco introduced the new Cisco DevNet training and certification program. The program will help you take advantage of the new opportunities in application design, software development, and automation. With certification options at the associate, specialist, and professional levels, you can start wherever you are and take your career anywhere you want to go. Whether you’re a software developer, networking professional, or some of both, DevNet certifications give you the know-how you need and industry recognition that translates into jobs and possibilities.


Cisco-certified professionals join a global community that’s shaping the future of technology. With DevNet training and certifications, you can master the art of designing applications that leverage Cisco platforms—all the way from designing, implementing, and running the infrastructure, to writing the code that brings that infrastructure to life. And your business and your career will be able to adapt along with the rapid changes across the programmable technology landscape.


What is DevNet?

Cisco DevNet is a developers program that focuses on those individuals or IT professionals who want to develop integrations with Cisco platforms or APIs. There are different products in Cisco DevNet. These include networking, cloud, data centers, and many more. Looking at how cloud computing has revolutionized the IT industry, having a DevNet certification will be great for IT professionals.

Cisco has three levels for the DevNet certifications:

  • Cisco Certified DevNet Associate
    At least one year of experience in maintaining applications that are basically built on Cisco Platforms
  • Cisco Certified DevNet Professional
    At least 4-5 Years of experience in implementing and designing applications that are built on Cisco platforms
  • Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist
    At least 4–5 years of experience with development, security, or infrastructure


DevNet Associate

Cisco certified DevNet Associate is for those who have a least one year of experience in maintaining applications that are built on Cisco Platforms. There are many job opportunities that you will get after getting certified in this.

Some of the job roles that you can get are:

  • Test Development Engineer
  • Associate Site Engineer
  • Junior Cloud Developer
  • Test Development Engineer
  • Automation Engineer

To get certified in this exam you will need to clear the exam of 201–901 Devasc, this exam will be of 120 minutes and will contain multiple choice single option and multiple choice multiple answer questions.

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  • Learn to harness the power of Cisco technology in your applications and user experiences
  • Build your career with Cisco by certifying your in-demand software and networking automation skills
  • Build your business with Cisco no matter how technology evolves
  • Join the Cisco ecosystem of innovation and set yourself apart from other developers and networkers
  • Put that Cisco DevNet certification badge on all your social media profiles


Cisco Certification Suite

Cisco Certification Suite


Automation at scale

You want to ensure repeated, trusted, network configurations, even for complex hybrid cloud deployments. Your teams deserve to be equipped to share configurations and repeatedly deploy those, keeping your automation scripts under version control for continuous deployments. Scaling automation best practices gives you agreed-upon terms of engagement to make sure that IT services of the future deliver business value over and over.

Certifications  > Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)   > Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist



Self-serve network operations

The future holds opportunities beyond compute and storage services to improvements in network implementations, configurations, and deployments. When you can offer self-service network operations, you wholly trust that your network improvements provide network enhancements finely tuned to each purpose. Whether in a health care center or a campus job fair, the networks of the future provide the exact networks needed for the context.

Certifications > Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) > Cisco Certified DevNet Professional > Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist



Distributed applications

Today’s modern applications can be widely distributed to devices that compute power at the edge of the network where it’s most efficient or secure to do any required processing. The opportunities and innovation available with edge deployments make your networks even more powerful.
Certifications > Cisco Certified Specialist > Cisco Certified DevNet Professional > Cisco Certified DebNet Specialist

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)


Cisco Certified DevNet Associate


Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)


Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate


Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional




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