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Has social distancing started to get you down? For a limited time only, Intellectual Point is offering a BOGO 50% Off deal on select courses. Our interactive online training is flexible, cost-effective, and helps you stay safe at home. With a large selection of courses available to fit many levels of career tracks, online training is essential to keep learning during this crazy time.

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Tips for Taking Online Virtual Classes

  1. Prepare your computer – Make sure that your computer can handle whatever demands will be required of it during the course.
  2. Get Organized – Before the class starts to make sure you have the course materials, online tools, and course website.
  3. Set Up Your Workspace – Set up a dedicated learning environment for studying. By completing your work there repeatedly, you’ll begin to establish a routine. Minimize distractions from your physical and digital environment.
  4. Make A Schedule – Look at the Syllabus before your first day and make a schedule of when you will study and practice what you have learned during class. Rather than catching up on Netflix, take the time to review your study notes and retain the information you have learned.
  5. Be an Active Participant – Take initiative by reading materials, reaching out to classmates and instructors, and conducting additional research as needed. Students who take time to engage with their instructors and classmates also tend to have the most success in their classes.
  6. Stay Connected – Just because you aren’t physically in the same location, doesn’t mean you can’t get to know your fellow classmates. Build relationships with other students by introducing yourself and engaging in virtual study sessions.
  7. Ask Questions – The best online learners don’t hesitate to ask questions. They aren’t afraid to request clarification or guidance from other students and instructors. By doing this, they avoid confusion, become more engaged with the content, broaden their knowledge, and deepen relationships with their classmates.
  8. Hold Yourself Accountable – By being organized, proactive, and self-aware, you can get the most from your online class even when life outside of school becomes chaotic.
  9. Take Your Own Notes – When listening to the class, don’t rely on notes from the class or your classmates. You will learn more if you take your own notes and it will help you understand them when you review them later.
  10. Ask for Help – If you realize you don’t understand a concept or theory, reach out to your teacher or classmates as soon as possible for clarification rather than struggling and getting frustrated.


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