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Leadership - It Takes A Team

Leadership…It Takes a Team

Join us for a free Virtual seminar with executive coach John Gronski. John will walk you through an exciting journey of self-awareness and leadership training focusing on an overview of decision-making, resilience, and character. This session is a primer for those moving from management to leadership positions in their organization. This session will be interactive and you will work as a team to learn these career-boosting lessons.

This event will be on March 25th starting at 6 PM virtually.

John is a proven combat leader with over forty years’ service in the United States Army including active duty and in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard where he led units at the company, battalion, brigade, and division level.


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John L. Gronski, Major General (U.S. Army Retired)

What you will learn from this seminar:

Introduction to decision-making! Learn how:

  • To make successful strategic decisions
  • To balance and have flexibility
  • To create an environment where your followers believe that demonstrating high levels of the initiative is worth the risk of making an honest mistake.

Gain an understanding of why leading with character is essential for leading effective organizations. Learn how:

  • Individual core values and organizational values provide direction for those you lead
  • Credibility is key to developing trust in an organization
  • Effective leaders place the needs of their followers ahead of their own

You will learn how to develop resiliency in yourself and those you lead. Learn why you need to:

  • Inspire positive energy rather than draining energy from the team
  • Exhibit all the elements of fitness to include mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual
  • Show your vulnerability because it is the key to leading teams and organizations and is seldom discussed


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John L. Gronski, Major General (U.S. Army Retired)

About John

John L. Gronski, Major General (U.S. Army Retired) is founder and CEO of Leader Grove LLC, a keynote speaker, leadership seminar facilitator, executive coach, author, and director of the leadership academy for student-athletes at Lebanon Valley College.  John has earned a superb reputation as leadership and peak performance expert, a motivational storyteller, and a much sought-after speaker and leadership seminar facilitator and trainer. His presentations feature inspirational stories and wisdom gained from his own leadership experience and the experience of others.


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Register Here For The Free Virtual Leadership Session! 



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