Advance your Career with a Federal Sales Certificate with Intellectual Point!

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Advance your Career with a Federal Sales Certificate with Intellectual Point!

Business as usual – isn’t. Things have changed in both small and significant ways. And as the policies of a new administration start to take hold, navigating the landscape of the federal sales cycle has become ever more complicated. Some budgets are under review, some agencies need to “use it or lose it” within the fiscal year, and knowing the when, where, and how of it all is essential to bidding and closing large federal contracts. It’s confusing, it’s complex, but thankfully there is a formula for success. And it culminates with the Federal Sales Certificate.



Before spending any more precious time reading through, ask yourself these questions:  

Do you sell products or services to the federal government? 

Would you like to learn behind-the-scenes ways to close 7 figure deals? 

Do you want to know more about your Federal territory’s total addressable market? 

If you answered “yes”, then the Federal Sales Certification Training at Intellectual Point is precisely the fast-track, deep-dive, real-talk class you need on your calendar.


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As with all things governmental, there is a bureaucratic vernacular that you need to become fluent in. Otherwise, it’s like speaking a foreign tongue in a distant land. The comprehensive, expert-led class offered by Intellectual Point will provide the wisdom and guidance of a proven industry professional with more than 26 years of federal sales and management experience. This 2 day, intensive program will cover the recipe for deftly navigating the unique and complexities of the federal sales cycle. There will be 4 easily-digestible, detail-packed modules, spread over 2 days, covering the essentials:

Federal Sales Training Program


After completing this 2-day program, you will be officially certified Federal Sales and be well-equipped to enhance and streamline your prospecting, proposals, contract negotiations, federal-specific contractor requirements, the timing of the federal budget cycles, and know when and how to close the deal.

With more than 12 years of providing comprehensive, intensive, hands-on, instructor-led training, Intellectual Point is a premier partner and purveyor of Excellence in Education.

This limited class is only being offered once in 2021 and is a crucial ingredient in any current or aspiring federal contractor’s mix of tools and resources.

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