5 Security Habits to Start Right Now

5 Security Habits to Start Right Now


Password Hygiene – That’s right. You guessed it. If you haven’t changed that password in a while, you probably need to. It’s a good practice to change your passwords regularly, even though it can be a huge pain. Trust me, we know. Unfortunately, over 60% of data breaches occur due to poor password hygiene. People use the same password for six accounts or keep a password list in their wallet. Well, luckily for you, there are several options for password managers that will allow you to essentially type it in and let a secure software program handle the security of those lengthy, and ever-changing passwords. According to PCmag.com, KEEPER and Zoho have outstanding ratings for keeping your passwords safe and managed. If changing your passwords and tracking them isn’t your forte, we recommend trying one out.



Outdated Software – We find ourselves at number two. When is the last time you updated your system? Have you ever updated it? Did you just put it on auto-update and forget about it? If you are anything like the average PC user, we wager that you did. Updating your computer software, and all the applications you use is as essential as changing the oil in your car or changing those pesky HVAC filters. You really are asking for trouble the longer you go without doing it. If you want to automate it even more than you already have when you set your auto-updater to on, you can try out a software updater that you run regularly. It will handle all that extra work for you for the most part and update all your programs and applications. This might cost you some pocket change, but we feel the price is well worth it compared to what you would lose if you had to buy a whole new PC because you didn’t manage those updates.


Untrained User – You might not think that this could be you at first glance, but let me tell you, those hackers just keep getting better. They employ more advanced tactics each year, keeping up with the tech that is coming out. They love finding someone who they might be able to convince to send them some information or manipulate into giving away important details about themselves. No, certainly you are smarter than those who have resorted to crime to make their living right? According to cyber security statistics, phishing incidents alone led to a mind-blowing $1.8 billion in business losses in 2020. It is the leading type of unsafe website in the world and has been growing at an unstoppable rate each quarter! It’s not just an attack, it’s a global business. Yes – you can be a victim, and yes, you should stay as up to date as possible on the attacks threat actors are employing these days.


Lack of an Audit – Right. So, we know you don’t plan to audit yourself on your own home security measures. I mean: who wants to add something else to the annual to-do list outside of spring cleaning? Well, guess what? You need to add it. Throw it on your calendar to conduct a complete review of these steps at least once a year. This will offer you at least a baseline of updated security measures. Train your family, check your passwords, update all your devices…if you really think about it, that alone can be quite a job. Families can have upwards of 30 devices on their home network, and that average is increasing every year! The more devices, the more attack surface, the more security you need. An audit may not look like a necessity at first, but once you realize what’s at stake, you will probably reconsider. We recommend a Summer Cyber Security audit – device usage up spikes when the kids are out of school, as does their online interactions. No better time.


Complacency – Yes. The age-old killer that blinds your senses to hazards and dangers. This can be extremely dangerous. Too many people believe that a security problem can’t happen to them. People who aren’t directly involved with cybercrimes don’t realize the growing threat of an online attack. It’s more likely we will be attacked through our home network than having our house robbed. We remember to lock our doors every day, because we know that the threat of someone coming in uninvited exists. We take for granted that our home routers will protect us, and all our data. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. The battle has already begun, and most of us came late to the party. Most security threats are preventable and can be addressed through common sense approaches. The less complacent you are, the more likely you are to avoid a costly security breach.


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