Virtual Hallway Chat: Get What You Pay For – Vendor Contract & Agreement Audit Best Practices

FEBRUARY 13, 2019 12:00 PM

12pm CT / 1pm ET
It’s that time of year again – time to review vendor contracts and agreements. As any MSP knows, this can be a daunting, but important task. Let Charles Love, Joshua Smith and your peers help you get started. Vendor contract & agreement audits are crucial to your business to ensure you are benefiting from all of their services. Do you have visibility into everything you are paying for, whether by paper, fax, direct debit, etc.? Are you really using each service? How much is it really benefiting your business? It sounds daunting, but its critical to your profitability. Join the Managed Services Community in this Virtual Hallway Chat (VHC) to discuss and develop best practice processes for confirming you are getting what you pay for each month. Contribute to this group discussion as we share ideas, methods that work, timing of audits, etc. Please plan on active participation on the VHC by joining the web portion, having speakers and a microphone ready so you can share too.

To better benefit from this hallway chat, listen to Love and Smith’s podcast on this topic as they set the stage

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