The Path to Modern DevSecOps

MARCH 12, 2019 3:00 PM

3pm CT / 4pm ET
We’ve made exponential leaps with technology, yet with all the changes come security risks as we create the applications that run these systems. Organizations should be living DevSecOps, but many have lagged behind in adopting it due to a lack of talented IT professionals. DevSecOps improves on Agile by focusing on people over processes and tools, modernizing the software delivery pipeline by integrating security into the full lifecycle of application development. In the past, security was isolated to a specific role or team member. Today, the collaborative DevSecOps framework effectively integrates security practices as shared responsibility from end-to-end.

In this concise webinar, you will:

  • Find out what is DevSecOps and why it matters.
  • Understand what skills are required to be a DevSecOps engineer.
  • Learn 6 best practices for successfully practicing DevSecOps.
  • Discover online resources to upgrade your talent toolbox.

Are you ready to learn more about in-demand skills employers are seeking? Join Laszlo Gonc, co-founder and managing partner, Next Era Transformation, LLC, and CEO and president, Gonc & Associates, LTD, for this informative and educational session on The Path to Modern DevSecOps.

* Approved for A+, Security+, CySA+ and CASP+ CEU Credit

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