To succeed in your career, you need to be a hacker!

To succeed in your career, you need to be a hacker!

Intellectual Point Wishes You A Very Happy Holiday!
At #IntellectualPoint , we are happy to be a  #SmallBusiness . Since we are a small, family-oriented company, we want you to feel like family when you come through our door. After successfully completing certifications with us, we will help you with your  #resume  and connect you with employers who can help you launch your IT career.
We also have a free Digital Natives Meetup where you can learn more about the technology industry and trends. We have a big membership that is quickly growing, so be sure to join us!
To succeed in a job hunt and in your career, you need to be a hacker. That means doing research – not only on the company where you want to work but also on the people who work there. Use tools like LinkedIn and Glassdoor to understand the company’s culture, work environment, organizational structure, industry, and leadership.
Hackers are found in all areas, not just technology. Seek them out and learn from them, and you, too, can hack your next job.

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