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Due to COVID-19 Camp will be Virtual

Go Virtual Reality (VR) Metaverse Camp Schedule

Day 1 – Fundamentals of Oculus Quest

Day 2 – Introduction to Metaverse

Day 3 – Learn how to code with the Oculus Quest

Day 4 – Create your 3-D Avatar

Day 5 – Meet in the Metaverse to play some games

In this Go Virtual Reality (VR) Metaverse camp, high school students and middle school students will learn how to use the Oculus Quest! This exciting new camp offers a unique immersive atmosphere that will help make learning fun. Metaverse is a hot topic and is the future of business and human interaction. The metaverse is a digital space that allows users to communicate and move virtually in 3-dimensional avatars or digital representations. The Oculus Quest will be a powerful tool that will provide an immersive experience. You will learn coding, automation, AI, strategic planning, logic & reason, fine motor skills, and more.


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