How To Get A Job in Help Desk

How To Get A Job in Help Desk

By Lyan Ware Contributor


Help Desk aka IT Support is an entry-level position in the IT/Cyber-related field. Help desk is a great way to start your IT career because it has very little requirements. While many of its job listings say that 1-2 years of experience is required, do not be discouraged! A company’s job postings are more of a wish list than a hardline set of criteria, since you will most likely be receiving on-the-job training anyway, such as how to use their ticketing system.


If you lack in IT experience, the best thing you can and should play up are your customer service-related experience. Your job performance in help desk is heavily reliant on your communication skills, so be sure to tailor your resume and interview answers to emphasize your ability to display patience and relatability.


When being interviewed for a help desk position, be sure to keep your answers brief, concise, and relevant to IT and customer service. Expect to be asked plenty of basic troubleshooting scenarios and basic IT concepts such as, “What is an IP address?” and “How would you help a user/client who cannot see anything on their monitor?” Be able to explain everything in simple terms. Try to think of having to explain things to a child, without being condescending, of course. Use relatable analogies, straying from jargon or fancy industry terms. Remember that you will be helping people who know little to nothing about computers, so being able to explain IT concepts in layman’s terms is key to winning these jobs.


When answering questions targeting basic help desk scenarios, be sure to address the most basic solutions first before proceeding to the next steps. For example, in the likely hypothetical where a user expresses that they are unable to see anything on their monitor, be sure to ask them if the power source is working or if the device is properly plugged in.


Do not be intimidated when it comes to possessing in-depth, advanced IT knowledge since there are three tiers or levels to help desk. In a situation where you are helping a customer and you run into a wall, you will be able to escalate the case to someone else with more expertise. Focus on getting your foot in the door with a solid grasp of the basics/fundamentals and exemplary communications skills.


If you find that you are having a hard time finding a job in help desk, be sure to network in IT social circles. Utilize resources such as LinkedIn, Discord servers, and Reddit to make industry connections.


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