Get your CISSP and then use one of the Top 6 Linux Operating Systems for Privacy

The 6 Best Linux Operating Systems For Privacy
Out of all modern operating system platforms, Linux is considered one of the best when it comes to privacy. Using any generic Linux OC instead of Windows is a good start to protecting your privacy. Your best bet is to use a Linux distribution that specializes in respecting a user’s privacy. Here are the six best Linux operating systems for privacy:
  1. Tails
  2. Qubes OS
  3. Whonix
  4. Discreete Linux
  5. SubGraph OS
  6. Parrot Security OS
If you’re seriously concerned about privacy, the best action you can take is to back up your data and switch to one of the Linux distributions on this list. They’re all excellent operating systems with tons of great features and will help in preventing your personal information from being stolen online
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