Calling ALL Cybersecurity Talent!

Calling ALL Cybersecurity Talent!

Why the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage Is The Greatest Threat Businesses Face Today

With the economy booming in the tech sector and unemployment rates at their lowest in years, cybersecurity talent can be hard to find and retain. With the rise of cybersecurity breaches, we need to be on the defense rather than the offense. Every company needs an effective cybersecurity incident response plan and finding the team members to deliver on the plan is hard to manage. Nearly 2/3 of businesses are lacking the cybersecurity skills needed to prevent threats from becoming breaches. A lot of companies are at moderate or extreme risk of cyberattacks due to the shortage.

There are challenges and there are solutions to these challenges, and here is a collection of advice from experts on what they are across Sungard Availability Services.

The challenges
  1. IT teams will be held accountable over the security experts
  2. It’s hard to find experienced cyber talent in SaaS integration and network architecture
  3. Strong communication skills are needed–but can be in short supply
The solutions
  1. AI and Machine Learning can help
  2. Focus on building team members’ skills
  3. Keep your finger on the pulse
  4. Keep exploring new technologies to keep teams engaged
  5. Promote from within
Calling ALL Cybersecurity Talent! Conclusion
IT is always changing and so are the skills needed to secure your business. Companies need to invest in securing and retaining the right talent or they will struggle to call themselves resilient. Read more


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