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VMware Cloud on AWS: Deploy and Manage Training

Learning Objectives

Intellectual Point
Deploy a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC and Virtual Machines (VMs)
Intellectual Point
Configure internal, external, and inter-SDDC networking.
Intellectual Point
Describe and configure storage integrations and solutions for VMware Cloud on AWS.
Intellectual Point
Configure a connection between an on-premises vSphere SDDC and a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.
  • Configure the scale-up and scale-down of a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.
  • Migrate virtual machines between on-premises vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs.
  • Describe additional services that add value to a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.
  • Describe maintenance issues, troubleshooting scenarios, and support resources for a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.

Course Schedule and Exam Details

Module 1: Course Introduction
  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course objectives
  • Identify additional resources for after this course
  • Identify other VMware Education Offerings
Module 2: Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Why choose VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Overview of VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Billing and pricing
Module 3: Managing the SDDC and Creating Virtual Machines
  • Creating and managing users in VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Deploying and accessing SDDCs
  • Creating Virtual Machines
Module 4: Networking in VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Overview of VMware Cloud on AWS networking
  • Networking design of VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Networking operations
  • Inter-SDDC networking
Module 5: Storage on VMware Cloud on AWS
  • VMware vSAN in VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Stretched clusters
  • External storage integrations and solutions
Module 6: Working with On-Premises vSphere
  • Hybrid linked mode
  • Hybrid Cloud Extension
  • Migrating Virtual Machines
  • vSphere permissions
Module 7: Scaling the SDDC and Managing Hosts
  • Sizing the SDDC
  • Cluster management
  • Adding and removing hosts
  • Host remediation
Module 8: Resource Management and Availability
  • VMware vSphere® Distributed Resource Scheduler™ and Elastic DRS for VMware Cloud™ on AWS
  • vSphere HA
Module 9: Using Other VMware Products with the SDDC
  • Site Recovery Add-On Service
  • VMware Horizon®
  • VMware vRealize® Suite
  • VMware Log Intelligence™
  • Using APIs with VMware Cloud on AWS
Module 10: Maintaining and Troubleshooting VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Best practice maintenance
  • Support and stay up to date
  • Common troubleshooting steps
  • Next steps to use VMware Cloud on AWS

Target Audience

  • Experienced system administrators

  • System engineers

  • System integrators


  • Understanding of concepts presented in the VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.7] course or a later vSphere version.


This class prepares you for the VMware Cloud on AWS Management Exam 2019 5V0-31

Training program

Learn how to plan to migrate, build, or hybridize with VMware Cloud on AWS.

VMware Cloud on AWS: Deploy and Manage [1.0] is a three-day course that teaches you skills for deploying and managing a VMware Cloud™ on AWS infrastructure. Through a mix of lectures and labs, you deploy and manage the VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware vSphere® features that build a foundation for a hybrid infrastructure.

You also discuss when and where these features have the greatest effect. Anyone planning to migrate, build, or hybridize with VMware Cloud on AWS can benefit from this course.

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